Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Flicker Mashups and Tools

I spent a great deal of time trying to pick good examples of Flickr mashups and tools for the project blog. Some of the ones I tried I could not get to work correctly. I liked the "Spell with Flickr" thing, so I used it, but it took me a long time to figure out how to actually save the image of the words spelled out with images. (I ended up doing a screen print, (Ctl-Print Screen) and then had to paste it someplace, so I opened up PowerPoint and pasted it into an empty slide, and then saved the image. Then I had to use a photo editor to crop it and resize it. So it wasn't simple.

I find most of the Flickr things to be kind of dumb, and they don't appeal to me. But then I'm not really that big on pictures anyway. I do realize that some people are more "visual" than others and that images can be a very strong way to communicate.

I tried an application called fotocrib and used it to alter my picture on my profile.


Jansenius said...

I downloaded the Flickr spell to my blog also and all I did was cut and paste the html coding provided into my blog area. It was real lucky as I was guessing how to do this... as they don't give good instructions on how to use the spelled word(s) after you create it. You might want to try this next time as it is much fewer steps.

Patricia said...

I tried this. But when I pasted the html code into the blog, the images displayed vertically, with one letter on each line, rather than across the screen.

Jansenius said...

Must be something that had to do with the spacing. I had no problem. I have noticed when you place a picture and allow the text to show up that it goes vertically instead of horizontal. Has to do with the amount of space allowed in you template. We are all learning OJT.

Rodrigo said...

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